‘Antiques Roadshow’ Filled By KC Collectibles

George C. Hale, was one of the most celebrated firefighters in the world at the turn of the last century. The Kansas City’s fire chief was an innovator and held dozens of patents for firefighting equipment, including the fire pole.

‘Antiques Roadshow’ Filled By KC <b>Collectibles</b>

The name of Hale, nearly a century after his death, is front and center at the opening of the first of three Kansas City segments of the PBS series “Antiques Roadshow.” Those bits of history were enjoyed by Producer Marsha Bemko and viewers who have made “Roadshow” the top-rated program of the network.

This show became so popular that more than 18,000 requests were sent by people who wanted to have their heirlooms and collectibles evaluated by appraisers of the show when the production stopped in Kansas City last summer. Three thousand pairs of tickets in the end were handed out for the daylong session at Bartle Hall and 60 items made the cut for broadcast.

New York appraiser Philip Weiss described a 14-karat-gold fire badge presented to Hale in 1898 as one of the finest fire badges he’s ever seen. Other appraisals, in addition to the three shows airing this spring, recorded during the Kansas City stay could still appear next fall. “Roadshow’s” annual two-hour special, “Junk in the Trunk,” will be featuring appraisals from Kansas City and seven other cities Bemko and her crew visited in the summer of 2013.

Antique And Collectible Store To Open On West Side

A Sioux Falls couple is opening an antiques and collectibles store on the city’s west side in early April.

Antique And Collectible Store To Open On West Side

The store will feature primitives, antiques, fine art, collectibles and more, according to co-owner Laura Bossman. The 49-year-old Bossman quit her job earlier this month as a business office employee at a medical clinic for pursuing her dream of having her own business. “I wanted something to do when I was 75 years old,” she said. “I didn’t want to look back and say, ‘I wish I would have,’” she said.

Laura and her husband, Troy, own the business, and Troy also owns Complete Drywall Services. “We have a lot of different items in here. I’ll try and make it classy yet very comfortable,” she said.

The business will be making house calls if customers want to sell antiques, art, or collectibles owned by them and Laura has started a list of items customers are looking to buy.

The store’s location was selected as the street has convenient access off the interstate and good access off of Marion Road. Store hours will be 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday.  The location previously was used by Minuteman Press, which has moved downtown to 125 S. Main Ave.

Annual Antique Show Set For March 29-30

The Oregon Woman’s Club will be presenting its 64th annual antique show from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday, March 29, and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Sunday, March 30, at the Blackhawk Center, 1101 W. Jefferson St, Oregon, Illinois.

Annual Antique Show Set For March 29-30

Event admission is $6 per person for both days and door prizes will be awarded throughout the day, both days. This year’s show will feature new dealers for a total of five states represented.

A member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs, The Oregon Woman’s Club sponsors this show as a major fund-raising event and makes use of the proceeds to help fund various community projects and charities.

The Blackhawk Center Sports Arena will provide a huge area for the 52 Midwest antique dealers to display their merchandise ranging from quality antiques from the early 1800s through the retro era of the 1950s includes all areas of collecting — furniture, glass, china, pottery, toys, primitives, textiles, jewelry, dolls, silver, decorator items and more. Mary Lou’s Crystal Repair from Joliet, Ill., will be on hand both days to repair damaged heirlooms “while you wait.”

The menu will include Homemade Chicken & Noodles, Sloppy Joes and various other sandwiches, chips, beverages and a selection of desserts.

Verbal appraisals of small treasures for $5 per item will be offered by Sunday, Munda & Associates, auctioneers and appraisers from Freeport, Illinois.

‘Antiques Roadshow’ Birmingham Gets 12,000 Ticket Applications

According to a representative of the popular PBS series “Antiques Roadshow”, the show has received more than 12,000 ticket requests for its June 21 visit to Birmingham.

'Antiques Roadshow' Birmingham Gets 12,000 Ticket Applications

Matt Midura of Boston public TV station WGBH that produces “Antiques Roadshow” said, “You clearly have a huge audience and a lot of people interested in antiques here in Alabama.” Midura added, “The Birmingham event also ranks close to the top in the number of people applying to have their furniture examined by the ‘Roadshow’ appraisal experts.”

The show this summer will also be visiting Bismarck, N.D.; Santa Clara, Calif.; Austin, Texas; Albuquerque, N.M.; and Charleston, W. Va., as well as Chicago and New York City. “Antiques Roadshow” host Mark L. Walberg and his crew, in addition  to the appraisal event at the BJCC on June 21, will visit several, as-yet-unannounced locations in and around Birmingham on June 19-21, Mike McKenzie, public information director for APT.

“If you’ve seen the program, on every show, they visit a few different locations surrounding the city to look at different collections and antiques,” McKenzie said. “So Mark (Walberg) will be taping segments away from the (BJCC) hall on those days.

“I don’t think they have confirmed where they are doing those yet, but they’ve met with a number of people to figure out what those good locations would be.”

Ticket applications for the Birmingham show will continue to be accepted through April 7. “It’s a big opportunity for people to come and have their items appraised,” McKenzie said.

Applications and ticketing rules are available at www.pbs.org/antiques or by calling 1-888-762-3749. “Antiques Roadshow” airs Mondays at 7 p.m. on Alabama Public Television.

Saginaw Art Museum Reopens With Appraisal Fair

The Antique Appraisal Fair is coming February 1 to the Saginaw Art Museum at 1126 N. Michigan. The event is coordinated by Dennis Adomaitis, who with his wife Melodye has operated Adomaitis Antiques for decades.

Saginaw Art Museum Reopens With Appraisal Fair

Following a month-long museum closure, this event kicks off a month of free admission as a special gesture to patrons for their patience in the museum’s ongoing renovation, said Executive Director Stacey Gannon.

Antiques brought to the museum will be examined by Adomaitis and his fellow appraisers from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. so that antique owners find a fair-market estimation of their value. For non-members, appraisals cost $5 per piece and the cost is $4 for museum members with no limit on the number you can bring. Adomaitis said all proceeds go to the museum with the appraisers donating their time and expertise. “It would be a conflict of interest if we actually bought the items we appraised,” he pointed out. In the case of the Michelangelo piece, “I told the owner to have a really nice copy made for himself and sell the original. You just never know what you’re going to find.”

The event’s appraisers include Rockwell Scherzer, who specializes in glassware; Suzanne Short, who knows dolls and toys, and the Nuechterleins, who will appraise jewelry and clocks, along with Melodye Adomaitis, Richard and Laura Groening, Robert Ramsey and Ronald Reece.

For more information, call the Saginaw Art Museum at 989-754-2491 or go online to saginawartmuseum.org.

How To Buy Best Antiques From An Online Antiques Store?

If you have a passion for buying the best antiques but somehow a bit clueless on how to find right antiques, you will be happy to know that you can get them at unbelievable prices.

How To Buy Best Antiques From An Online Antiques Store

For buying antiques, there is nothing better than an online antiques store. You can even find information about vintage antiques and buy them from local auction houses, garage sales, classified ads, antique dealers, shows and fair, flea markets, estate tag sales, estate auction, yard sales, and newspaper announcements. Buy buying antiques online surely has enough benefits.

The first benefit is that you are not “forced into” making a quick decision as you always have enough time to gather facts regarding the authenticity, value, and owner of the antique. Secondly, the purchases are safely secured and protected by predefined terms and conditions that surely safeguard your financial interests. Thirdly, you can get advice from experienced dealers and buyers of similar antiques to find out whether the price you are paying is reasonable or not. This will also help you find better deals in comparison to what are on the offering on the table.

To buy antiques from an online antiques store, you first need to ensure that the website has a good reputation. It is always better to crosscheck facts and claims from sources such as reviews, testimonials, feedback, and comments of past customers. You can even access online forums dedicated to antiques and collectibles to enrich yourself with the expertise of the experienced antique dealers, buyers, and sellers before making a purchase decision.

One of the most important things that you should remember while purchasing antiques is that the cheapest is not always the best and the best is not always the greatest way to make profits. Secondly, you should always make it a point to get a receipt for your antique purchases and that receipt has clearly specified the item’s age, any restoration or damage, and its value. Buying antiques from an online antiques store has its benefits and all you need is to remember that you should not be buying antiques and collectibles unless you are absolutely sure what you are buying. Moreover, antiques purchased by you should evoke immediate and ‘genuine’ interest as there is absolutely no point in putting antiques on your shelf if you don’t hold your interest. Just make it a point to focus on an informed decision based on real and absolute facts!

Amaan Displays Precious Azerbaijani Antiques

The ancient art samples of Azerbaijan have been kept on display at an international exhibition of antiques in Jordan.

Amaan Displays Precious Azerbaijani Antiques

This exhibition displays good and products that hold high historical appeal and value for collectors. An individual exhibition opened at the hall of the Iraqi Business Council in Amman and had the personal collections of Muhammad Jafar Salih al-Baghdadi, the descendant of eminent antiques collectors in the Middle East, auction organizer, and renowned expert in the field of antique items.

The exposition demonstrates antiques from Azerbaijan, Iran, Europe, Russia, and Middle Eastern countries. Among the antique items were Azerbaijani gold jewelry, precious jewels of the nineteenth century, ancient silver coins, rare silver daggers, and handmade silver belts while the carpets of Eastern countries, including Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey, Arabia, and other masterpieces of carpet weaving gained a special place at the exposition.

Al-Baghdadi remarked that he is in close contact with antiques lovers in Azerbaijan and treats Azerbaijan with great love. His wife is from Azerbaijani and Al-Baghdadi often visits the country. He also remarked that he plans to organize such exhibition in Azerbaijan.

Wintherthur All Geared Up For Its Annual Antiques Show

Five decades ago, Winterthur began holding its famous Delaware Antiques Show, which is considered among the top five antique shows in the United States.

Wintherthur All Geared Up For Its Annual Antiques Show

Celebrating the 50th anniversary, this year’s show will be held November 8 through 10 at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington and will be featuring more than 60 of the finest dealers from across the country.

The Delaware Antiques Show has been held at six different locations. It was held at the Wilcastle Center for 13 years, the hotel DuPont for three years, the Hagley Soda House for five years, the DuPont Country Club for 10 years, the Tatnall School for six years, and the Chase Center on the Riverfront for the past 13 years. The first chairman of the Delaware Antiques Show in 1964 was Arminda Dunning du Pont (Mrs. E.I. du Pont).

The opening party on Nov. 7 runs from 5 to 9 p.m. Sponsor tickets for $250 give you early entrance at 5 p.m., patron tickets at$175 give you entrance at 6 p.m.; young collector (guests age 35 and under) are $125 each and get entrance at 6 p.m. For tickets call 800-448-3883.

General Admission is $15 with tickets valid for all three days and includes the special lectures.

New Antique Store In Downtown Bowling Green

A new antique store has opened in downtown Bowling Green.

“Owning an antique store has always been a thought in my mind,” said Shelley Zavaleta, Co-Owner of Main Street Antiques and a retired surgical nurse who has been buying and selling antiques for most of her adulthood.

New Antique Store In Downtown Bowling Green

The store sells various items, including furniture, pottery, folk art, and decorative pieces. “We have sold at Maumee Antique Mall, and still do,” Zavaleta said, “We have done several booths and showcases.”

“I have been around antiques pretty much all of my life,” Zavaleta said. Her mother used to be an antique seller and this is from where Zavaleta knows the ins and outs of the antique business.

“Bowling Green is the perfect town to sell antiques,” Zavaleta said.

“We have been rehabbing the building all summer,” said Ryan, co-owner of the store. ”We had free range to do what we wanted with the space.” “We had a soft opening for the Black Swamp Festival,” Ryan said. “We practically sold down to the bare walls.”

The store is located at 244 Main Street. Its hours are 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Antiques Show Offers Treasures For Seasoned Veterans And New Collectors

If you are looking for antiques as gifts for special friends, a visit to the annual Main Line Antiques Show at the Radnor Valley Country Club on November 16 and 17 will surely delight you.

Antiques Show Offers Treasures For Seasoned Veterans And New Collectors

The Main Line Antiques Show will showcase 30 highly respected antiques dealers from all around the Mid-Atlantic region. Antiques for sale include porcelains, artworks, silver, pewter, furniture, jewelry, miniatures, textiles, and decorative pieces. This show runs from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. on Saturday and 11 a.m.- 5 p.m. on Sunday and will feature a few of Chester County’s most respected dealers participating in this weekend’s show: Dixon-Hall Fine Art (Phoenixville), Monroe Coldren & Son (West Chester), Van Tassel-Baumann American Antiques (Malvern) and Holly Peters Oriental Rugs & Home (Kennett Square).

The roster of other top dealers from the area includes Wesley T. Sessa Antiques (Pottstown), Britannia House Antiques (Wayne), Roberta Hollingshead (Villanova), Stevens Antiques (Frazer), Mullen Antiques & Upholstery (Valley Forge), Hollie Powers Holt Fine Art (Wayne), The Antique Store in Wayne (Wayne), James M. Kilvington, Inc. (Greenville, DE), Lorraine Wambold Estate Jewelry (Doylestown), Red Sleigh Antiques (Langhorne),Sabina A. Wood Art and Antiques (Bryn Mawr), Schwarz Gallery (Philadelphia) and Sheila Ferguson Victorian Staffordshire (Chestnut Hill).

The show will also feature an interesting and informative lecture program featuring “ARTiculture” by Drew Becher (Saturday, 11 a.m.), “Tales from the Auction Floor” by Alasdair Nichol (Saturday, 3 p.m.), “Private Art Collection Disasters: True Stories from the Front Lines” by Ron Fiamma (Sunday, 11 a.m.) and “Lost Gardens of the Main Line” by Jeff Groff (Sunday, 2 p.m.).

Show at Radnor Valley Country Club, 555 Sproul Road, Villanova

Tickets: $12.00

Information: 484-580-9609 or www.mainlineantiquesshow.com

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