Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers’ Association Fair At Blenheim Palace

The Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers’ Association Fair is all set to make a much-awaited return to Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire OX20 1PP from Thursday 16th to Sunday 19th April 2015.

Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers' Association Fair At Blenheim Palace

Now in its fourth year, the fair organized by the Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers’ Association is made up of 29 exhibitors of which 5 are guest dealers invited by The Cotswolds Art & Antiques Dealers’ Association (CADA) who would exhibit antiques and collectibles alongside the 24 members of the Association.  All works are for sale with prices ranging up to £100,000.

Marine art lovers will enjoy “Frigate Getting Underway” signed and dated 1854 by William Joy (1803-1866) from Stuart Boyd Fine Art. Elizabeth Harvey-Lee, specialist print dealer is bringing an original etching from 1898 of Rudyard Kipling by William Strang RA, an admirer of Kipling. Other highlights include antique boxes that are very collectable items, such as an octagonal tortoiseshell tea caddy, c1820, price £8,750 or an exquisite amboyna silver gilt vanity box, c1854, price £8,500 both from Hampton Antiques. Fair highlights include an oil painting with Witney Antiques of Anne Barlow attributed to Godfrey Kneller, the leading portrait painter of the 18th century.

The fair will be raise money for the Winston Churchill Memorial Window: a new stained glass window on the South side of St Martin’s Church in Bladon designed by Emma Blount, a young stained glass award-winning artist. St Martin’s Church has the honor of being the last resting place of Sir Winston Churchill, and the place is visited by thousands of people each year and 2015 marks 50 years since Churchill’s death.

Call 01993 813874 for more information and to book.

Oregon Woman’s Club Antique Show On March 28-29

The Oregon Woman’s Club will hold its 65th annual antique show on Saturday, March 28 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday, March 29 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Blackhawk Center, 1101 W. Jefferson St, Oregon.

Oregon Woman’s Club Antique Show On March 28-29

Organizers say many changes have taken place during the past 60-plus years that bring one of the premier antique shows in northern Illinois. They added this year will be no exception with the addition of new and returning dealers.

This show is sponsored by the Oregon Woman’s Club, a member of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs as a major fund raising event to help fund various community projects and charities.

“We like to think of it as ‘comfort food for the eyes’,” said show organizer Ron Bry.

Illinois dealers include Christine Boone Antiques, K & B Collectibles, B & L Antiques, Antiquities Etc, Pork & Beans Antiques, Elizabeth’s Antiques, Rae Patrick Ent, Hit Man Antiques, En Vogue, Mary Lou’s Crystal Repair, Grape & Cable Antiques, DJ’s Antiques, Dahlia House, School House Antiques, Dick Harms Antiques, Treasured Nest, Blue Goose Antiques, Court Antiques, George Loung Antiques, Net-tiques, Now and Then, Connie Page Antiques, Robinson’s Ridge, John Rudie Antiques, JS Antiques, GiGi’s Antiques, Something The Cat Dragged In, Treasured Memories, Aberdeen Antiques, Jim & Ellen Tyne Antiques, Templeton Antiques, Country at Heart Antiques, Treasured Memories, as well as all the others.

The food concession will be provided by the Chana United Methodist Ladies. The admission fee to the show is $6 per person. If you want additional information about the show or want to become an exhibitor, call 815-732-2219 or 815-652-2047.

How To Buy Rare Gadgets And Gizmos-Tips To Buy Cool Stuff

If you are looking for rare and amazing gadgets and gizmos, the internet is one avenue that will never disappoint you. This is not just because you have access a comprehensive range of cool gadgets from crazy party stuff to limited edition clothing, and from amazing fish tanks to shockingly cool gifts, but also because going online helps you buy best cool stuff and gag gifts at unbelievable prices.

How To Buy Rare Gadgets And Gizmos-Tips To Buy Cool Stuff

In addition to these advantages, shopping online allows you to shop without hesitation and get huge discounts while purchasing things of your choice within your predefined budget limits. This ensures that you don’t overspend or buy thing that you will never end up using or just don’t need at all. Moreover, online shopping for rare gadgets also let you buy from a comprehensive range without spending hundreds of dollars on visiting traditional stores and ending up with no purchases.

These are just some of the reasons why the Internet world is considered to be the favorite shopping destination for all. If you want to shop smart and avoid congested shopping centers, what can be better than shopping for rare gadgets online? In other words, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you decide to buy rare stuff online. The best part is that you can find almost everything under a single roof and get amazed by concepts and creativity of ambitious designers and artists.

The list of advantages associated with shopping on the internet does not end here. You can get great deals and add to the advantage with free or discounted shipping. This also means that you can buy the products of your choices from the comfort of your home and get it safely and securely delivered at your doorsteps, while making use of safe and flexible payment options.

Baseball Card Collection Valued At $1 Million On ‘Antiques Roadshow’

In a recent appearance on “Antiques Roadshow,” a New England-area woman discovered her 19th-century memorabilia collection of the Boston Red Stockings team was worth $1 million.

Baseball Card Collection Valued At $1 Million On ‘Antiques Roadshow’

The mind-boggling number was the highest sports appraisal in the 19-year history of the TV program. According to the owner who inherited the collection from her great-great-grandmother, the rare trove of baseball cards and signatures from the Boston Red Stockings team was ‘just sitting … in a desk drawer.’ “I ran across it one day and decided I’d like to have it, not realizing at all what it was worth,” the woman said.

The $1 million price tag was given by “Antiques Roadshow” appraiser Leila Dunbar during a taping in New York City.

“When you look at memorabilia and you value it, you look at the historical importance of the players, of the team, of the era, of the event,” Dunbar said.

“You also look at rarity, you look at condition, you look at provenance. And this has it all.”

The owner turned down an offer for the collection years ago because she “wanted to keep it in the family.” “And someone had told me it’s probably worth more than he’s offering.”

Antiques Show Puts Vancouver Artifacts On Display

A rare glimpse at how downtown Vancouver residents lived around the turn of the 20th century was experienced by visitors to the Clark County Antique & Collectible Show this weekend.

Antiques Show Puts Vancouver Artifacts On Display

The antiques show, which was held Saturday and Sunday at the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds, displayed corroded sardine cans, the bones of a butchered cow, chipped plates, glass medicine jars, and porcelain doll parts.

Archeologists with Applied Archaeological Research found the historic items a decade ago while they were digging up a lot at just south of Esther Short Park that is now home to Vancouver City Hall.

“It’s a nice feeling to see old things like this and think about the people who used them,” said Vancouver resident Marlene Stecher, who was at the show with her daughter-in-law, Ginger Edwards of Vancouver.

“I think this is one of the most interesting things that’s here,” Edwards said of the archeological display. “This actually came from the local area. … It’s all really neat.”

Julie Wilt, a project archaeologist who worked on the dig, said the cow bones were “kind of an unexpected find,” and added it was unusual for people living in the downtown area during that time to butcher their own meat there.

“There was only one family that was doing that,” Wilt said. At the same home site, archaeologists also found the bones of sheep and chickens, she said. “In this part of the world, it’s rare to find a site like this,” Wilt said.

‘Antiques Roadshow’ coming to Cleveland in July

If you want to see yourself and your antiques in an upcoming episode of “Antiques Roadshow” when the PBS show comes to Cleveland this summer, the wait is over.

'Antiques Roadshow' coming to Cleveland in July

WVIZ Channel 25 – which airs the show locally – will be hosting an all-day appraisal event on Saturday, July 11. The event is expected to be attended by about 5,500 participants who will receive free expert evaluations of up to two antiques and collectibles.

Lisa Goss, WVIZ communications specialist, said the time and location of the free appraisal event will be communicated shortly.  The application deadline is 8:59 p.m. Monday, April 6 and tickets will be awarded by a random drawing. You can apply now for a chance to win two free tickets to the show’s Cleveland appraisal event at Transportation to and from the event is free.

This is the first time “Antiques Roadshow” has visited Cleveland since June 2002. The show’s visit here will be seen in three episodes airing in 2016. New episodes of the show can be seen at 8 p.m. Monday on WVIZ.

Specialists from leading auction houses and independent dealers travel across the country providing free appraisals of collectibles.

The show’s 2015 summer tour includes stops in Tucson, Arizona; Spokane, Washington; Omaha, Nebraska; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Charleston, South Carolina.

Brooklyn Travel-Best Places And Hotel To Stay

If you like traveling, Brooklyn is one place that just cannot be missed. The most populous of New York City’s five boroughs has a stunning history that spans more than 350 years.


Consolidated with New York City in 1898, Brooklyn is governed by the New York City Charter. This beautiful borough is well-known for its role in many aspects of American culture including theater, cinema, and literature. Brooklyn hosts the Brooklyn Philharmonic and the world-renowned Brooklyn Academy of Music.

It also has the Brooklyn Museum, which is the second largest public art collection in the United States. Brooklyn is also famous for the annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest that is held on July 4 at the Coney Island. It also hosts the annual Labor Day Carnival that takes place along Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights and is also the host to the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade, a costume-and-float parade that happens mid-to-late June.

When it comes to Brooklyn, the talks cannot end without the mention of Brooklyn Botanic Garden and the stunning hotels in Brooklyn. You can even find a wide variety of nature trails and diverse habitats at the Floyd Bennett Field. Brooklyn is also home to a unique Federal wildlife refuge in the form of the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.

If you want to enjoy the beautiful Brooklyn, it is best to trust the Condor Hotel. This affordable, premium hotel is located in Williamsburg and is considered by many as the best hotels for business and leisure travelers. The Condor Hotel is in proximity to the best Brooklyn restaurants and cafes and places of local shopping. For more information, you can visit  Morever, this hotel boasts of an expanded menu of guest amenities and upscale décor and surely qualifies to be in the category of elite Brooklyn boutique hotels.

Top Ten Reasons Why Cartoons Are Awesome

If you have always wondered why cartoons spark conversations and bring a smile on our face, you must need the top reasons why cartoons are awesome.

tom and jerry

  1. Cartoon films and characters make use of humor and visuals to bring a big amount of meaning with them.
  2. Cartoon characters advocate strong ethical practices such as integrity, teamwork, honesty, truth, bonding, apologizing for our own mistakes, resolving conflicts in the right way, and respect. These are surely the virtues we and our elders want to nurture in the young minds.
  3. Cartoon films can easily convey a message far more quickly than any other form.
  4. The wordless communication of cartoon movies is unmatched. The recognition is instant through the power of observational comedy.
  5. Cartoons have been around for decades and have amazed by bringing out the most unique and insane worlds to us.
  6. Cartoons are educational and almost every character teaches us something.
  7. Cartoon characters are crazy, funny, happy, hilarious, out of the world, super, and cool.
  8. Cartoons have the unique ability to unite the audience with humor. The pleasure of shared communication can be instantly comprehended to leave the audience in laughs.
  9. Cartoons’ animated characters tap into the human desires to laugh by listening to the narratives.
  10. We all need cartoons as they carry a positive message about ourselves and society.

If you agree in entirety and want to watch the best cartoons out there, we recommend Hanna Barbera cartoons.

why we love Cartoons

Hanna Barbera cartoons have featured some of the most interesting and popular cartoon characters of all times, including the cat Tom and the mouse Jerry. If you want to watch the World’s greatest collection of Hanna-Barbera cartoons, we recommend watching the popular Hanna Barbera cartoons here.

Why We Love Warner Bros Cartoons?

When it comes to cartoons, Warner brothers cartoon characters have always left us want more. This is not just because these cartoon characters make us let go back in time and recall those wonderful and carefree days of the childhood, but also because they allow us to have fun and enjoy with innocent stories.

tweety Sylvester

It is just amazing how cartoon characters like Tom and Jerry, Tweety, and Charlie Brown can make people of all ages can relate to these characters and smile on their hilarious antics.

Who can forget the classic Looney Tunes cartoons where Bugs Bunny and others casually dropped constant pop cultural references? The “Of course you realize, this means war!” line common with Bugs Bunny still gives us a hint that his enemy had just crossed the line and Bugs Bunny would be destroying the enemies with his deadly combination of merciless, wisecracks, and cunning cockteasing.

The memorable cartoon episode called “Duck Season” featuring Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck going all at each other was simply beautiful. Many of us would still laugh hilariously at the sight of Bugs Bunny managed to convince all hunters that it was the official time of year to shoot ducks and Daffy getting blasted many times from the hunters.

bugs bunny and daffy duck

If that was not all, Cartoon characters like Road Runner, Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, Captain Planet, Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Ariel The Little Mermaid have fantasized all of us. Whether it is the five-year-old or the grandpa, all of us have thoroughly enjoyed watching these cartoons.

It can truly be said that cartoon films can actually offer a safer parallel world to the viewers to travel to with no stress. If you haven’t seen some nice cartoons recently, turn on the TV or visit your favorite cartoon website now and relive the good old days!

‘Boomer Years’ Revisited By ‘Antiques Roadshow’

Antiques Roadshow” offered a special episode called “The Boomer Years” on Monday night.

'Boomer Years' Revisited By 'Antiques Roadshow'

The episode was a compilation from past shows of items from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960: a John F. Kennedy campaign poster, a 1962 left-handed Stratocaster guitar, and an Earl Moran painting. In 2008, the poster from Kennedy’s presidential run was valued at $6,000 to $8,000 but now it is just $2,000 to $2,200.

In celebration of the “Boomer Years,”Antiques Roadshow” brought treasures including a 1956 Elvis “Love Me Tender” standee that was found during a home renovation. The episode also featured a 1958 Martin Luther King Jr. letter purchased for $20 at the estate of a Richard Nixon biographer; and Charles Schulz comic strip art, ca. 1960, owned by a former Hallmark employee who worked with Schulz for 12 years and is valued at $200,000 to $250,000.

The Antiques Roadshow is coming to Lincolnshire in May next year. Residents can bring their household treasures or family heirlooms to RAF Coningsby near Woodhall Spa to get them valued by some of Britain’s leading antiques and fine arts specialists at the roadshow on May 28.

Since 1978, the antiques appraisal show has been a BBC favourite and has sparked many versions across the globe.

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